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VA Home Loan Rates

As a flexible home loan that is backed by the federal government, the VA Loan gives lenders the ability to offer uniquely low interest rates. Veterans, who qualify, discover that the VA Loan rates are substantially lower than a traditional home loan. Sometimes up to a full percentage rate lower.


Where Does My Rate Come From?

There is number of items that may be used to determine your interest rate. Some of these factors include:

  • Credit score,
  • Income vs. debt assessment,
  • Duration of the loan (15 or 30 year), and
  • Market conditions at time of assessment.

Due to the high level of risk involved in lending, a better credit score in most cases correlates with a better interest rate. This is because those with good credit scores are more likely to repay the loan. A less than perfect score does not disqualify a potential borrower from obtaining a VA Loan with a competitive rate, however, thanks to the loan guarantee.

Securing Your Rate

Often, the first step in the process is to locate the house you wish to buy. Once the property has been located, a contract for the property will be created and the specialist will help you determine your interest rate. Typically, a more accurate rate projection will be available once an underwriter has reexamined the specifics of your loan, as well as a potential close date. However, you may wish to look at pre-qualifying for a loan before you start your search for your new home.

If you have any questions about your rate, or other inquires about the VA Loan process, please contact us at 888-220-2921 to speak with a mortgage specialist.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to securing the best possible interest rate, your timing as well as the lender you have chosen is critical. Your lender should understand what is important to you, and what you need in a VA home loan.

Keeping the loan within your individual means is an important element in building the rate and payment you can afford. While some lenders may try to entice a potential buyer by advertising an amazingly low rate, very few will actually qualify for it.

By choosing a VA Loan Ranger, you’ll rest assured that there won't be any hidden costs and undisclosed rate factors too complicate the process. Your mortgage specialist will facilitate transparent communication regarding your interest rate.

With VA Loan Ranger, you won't be forced to pay hidden costs or locking fees. By dealing with our Lenders, you're assured total transparency when it comes to your interest rate.

If you are buying your first home, see our section on first time buying.