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The down payment is your out-of-pocket contribution toward the home purchase. The larger your down payment, the greater your chance of being approved for your mortgage, and the lower your mortgage rate is likely to be.
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Your loan balance is the amount you owe on your mortgage. It may also be called your mortgage payoff amount. You may estimate this amount, or you can get the exact number by calling your lender.
The Credit Range that you select can directly affect the rate(s) that are offered. A higher credit score can lower your qualifying rate. Your actual credit score will be validated by the Mortgage Loan Provider(s) that you select to work with and the "qualified" credit score will be used to create your qualified offer.
The dollar amount you wish to receive upon the closing and funding of your home equity loan. You are not required to withdraw any amount.
"Cash out" refers to the difference between the payoff amount of the loan being refinanced and the balance of the new loan which is paid to the borrower.
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