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Here at VA Loan Ranger, we want to make sure that you are prepared to make the right decisions about buying or refinancing a home. To that end, we have chosen to use this blog to help keep you informed about mortgages and VA Home Loans.


VA Loans and Closing

25 Mar 2016

If you have done some investigation into the workings of a VA loan, you’ve probably noticed that when it comes to closing costs, VA loans work a bit differently than…

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Things To Know About Your VA Loan

31 Mar 2016

The housing market has become difficult to maneuver in recent years, thanks to some drastic ups and downs. Because of a recent recession, particularly in the housing industry, lenders have…

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Closing Costs With Your VA Loan

07 Apr 2016

When you are using a VA loan, you don’t have to worry about the headache of a down payment. While this alone is a fantastic opportunity for many military and…

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Buying Land and Building a Home with a VA Loan

14 Aug 2017

Veteran Affairs (VA) loans can be a godsend of benefits that can help you find that perfect home on that perfect lot. But while you may think you have to…

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When to Lock in Mortgage Rates for VA Home Loans

14 Aug 2017

By Nathan Davis A mortgage rate lock is essential to ensure you receive the interest rate that you are quoted by a bank or mortgage lender. Often times you will…

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